PR is an essential element within the marketing mix to facilitate achieving your business objectives. Our aim is to help businesses understand what their consumers and prospects think and feel, allowing them to connect with them and become a part of their world which is ever evolving. building impactful relationships.

Through utilising various PR methods, it enables us to raise awareness of your brand and generate more revenue. We influence the conversation by telling your story and tailoring what you say, helping to shape what others think and say about you and to build your brand perception.


SW Consultancy delivers PR that builds and protects your brands reputation.

We allow your business to cut through the noise, stand out from its competitors and have visibility to the world.

We aim to contribute and Influence the narrative within your business environment, creating a winning strategy which in turn will create or increase the demand of your product or service.

Our PR Super Power is ‘creative ideas’, we are continuously constructing ways to tell your story for you to shine. We speak on behalf of your business in a manner that builds a positive affiliation between you and your customers. We devise attention grabbing, innovative concepts that drive awareness of your brand which translate into a positive perception of your business/service and leads to desire, relationship building and loyalty.

We devise imaginative campaigns, integrating thought leadership, traditional PR methods and social media which are tailored to each client, delivering meaningful results.