SW Consultancy provide a selection of marketing services dependant on your business needs.

Marketing Audit – We can evaluate your current marketing, to gauge whether you are achieving ROI on your marketing spend and provide clear marketing direction and recommendations.

Market Research  Our market research will give you an insight into whether there is a demand for your product or service. It also highlights whether there is a market who will be interested in your business and who they are. The latter is just the tip of the iceberg, but it determines whether your business has the potential to succeed or fail… We only do success!

Establish value proposition – We distinguish what is special, beneficial or different about your product or service. Why someone would come to your business rather than going elsewhere? We support you with defining what your Unique Selling Point is so that you have a value proposition and can entice your target audience, so that they don’t choose anyone else, choosing you!

Competitor Analysis – ‘knowledge is power’ therefore it is essential to know all about your competitors. We will assess who your competitors are, what their offering is, awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, their strategy, the list goes on. But once we have gathered all of this information and analysed it, we are armed with the ‘know how’ on what direction to take the strategy.

Marketing plan – Focus your business and provide a directional framework to achieve success.

Marketing Strategy – SW Consultancy can review your current plan or create a new marketing strategy that is aligned with the business objectives i.e. generate more revenue. We will develop a marketing planning document as a framework that can be followed which is focused on achieving your company’s business goals. We will take your vision and make it a reality.

The Wall of Ideas